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Tesloop’s Managed Tesla Vehicle Investment Program (VIP)

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What is the Managed Tesla Vehicle Investment Program (VIP)? 

Tesloop’s Managed Tesla Vehicle Investment Program (VIP) provides a turnkey way for individual investors to profit from the transformative economics of Tesla’s electric vehicles. It enables investors to purchase Tesla Model 3 vehicles and enter into an agreement to rent them to Tesloop for use in our long-distance rental fleet.

Tesloop optimizes utilization of the vehicle to provide rapid return on investment through a combination of fixed monthly payments to the owner that are designed to fully cover monthly loan payments in most cases, as well as US tax benefits related to passive income losses generated by the vehicles. Owners also accrue rental credits as a perk, which they can apply to rent vehicles in any location that Tesloop offers rentals.

The Model 3’s durability, longevity, low operational costs, and software upgradability combine to create a situation that offers low risk and an extremely high potential for financial return. The program provides the vehicle owner the flexibility to remove their vehicle from the program at any time for personal use or sale.


Who is the Vehicle Investment Program designed for?

The VIP is designed for two types of investors, who pay taxes in the United States.

  1. Those with significant passive income, who will realize significant tax benefits due to the IRS allowance of 58 cents/mile tax deduction, regardless of actual car operating costs, car appreciation, or autonomous software capabilities.

  2. Those who are specifically interested in investing in Tesla vehicles due to their potential appreciation as software updates are released and the vehicles become viable “robotaxis”. In this scenario, losses will be carried forward and subtracted from the appreciation of the vehicle, thus providing substantial tax-free gains when the vehicle is sold.

Beyond the benefits of income and passive tax losses, the VIP investor may also realize significant tax-advantaged gains on the value of the vehicle if and when the vehicle’s software updates enable it to act as a robotaxi. Tesla’s CEO has estimated that a $40,000 vehicle may appreciate in value to become worth $200,000 as part of the planned “Tesla Network” rideshare service that will compete with Uber. This appreciation would be dependent on the autonomous software evolution to support robotaxi activities and regulatory approval for driverless cars to operate as taxis.

Tesloop’s VIP is structured in a manner that provides strong financial benefits regardless of whether robotaxis ever become a reality, and has no dependencies of fully-autonomous software, as the vehicles are strictly used for consumer driven rentals.

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Has the program launched yet?

The program is testing with a small group of initial VIP investors in California, but will soon be open to others in the order which they have signed up. To be part of the wider release, fill out the information form below. We will send you the VIP investor packet, and save your place in line.


What is in the VIP Investor packet?

The packet includes an overview slide deck to explain how the VIP works, what the consumer rental program offers, economic modeling for income and tax benefits, and tax code information for your accountant to review and confirm applicability to your situation.

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How many vehicles can I buy that would be eligible for program’s benefits?

The US federal tax standard mileage deduction is limited to a maximum of four vehicles per individual or entity. Please consult your tax advisor in cases where you have more than one entity.

How Tesloop’s VIP Investor Referrals Work

Step 1

Fill out your information request form. Then refer your friends and family to the Vehicle Investment Program by sharing them this landing page and form to fill out.

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Step 2

Remind them to add your name and email at the end of the form so that you get credit if they join the program by adding a vehicle to the fleet full time.

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Step 3

We’ll give you (the referrer) a one-time credit of ten days of rentals. Redeemable at any time pending availability. A security deposit will still be required.