Tesloop has suspended its shuttle-type service. Learn more in our open letter from our founder, here. Tesloop is now focused on developing its connected car network, Carmiq, as well as making its fleet available to be rented.

Shuttle (Suspended)

Tesloop Shuttle, is our company’s original city-to-city rideshare mobility service which allows consumers to book a seat in a Tesla Model X or Model S, and has become the highest rated transportation service in the world. We plan to continue the rapid expansion of Shuttle across California and beyond.



Our pickup & drop-off locations -- such as Starbucks and hotels -- are conveniently located throughout the cities we serve. Our locations are safe, accessible, and filled with amenities.  On the day of your trip, a Tesloop Concierge and your Pilot (the driver) will be in contact with you at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time to give you an ETA for the car.  

Tesloop's goal is to provide convenient pickup/drop-off locations for all passengers. This means that, on any loop, there may be additional stops after you are picked up or before you are dropped off. We ask that all passengers plan to be at their chosen pick up location 10 minutes before the scheduled pick up time. We recommend using services such as Uber, Lyft or a cab to get to your pick up location. We cannot guarantee that any overnight parking will be available at our pickup & drop-off locations.

In consideration for other passengers we will not wait more than 10 minutes after a scheduled pickup time for late passengers.

Cities Currently Looped Together on Shuttle

Los Angeles <--------> Orange County

Los Angeles <---------------> San Diego

Los Angeles <-----------> Palm Springs

Orange County <-----------> San Diego

Orange County <-------> Palm Springs

Pickup and drop-off locations listed are subject to change. As we learn more about the communities we serve, we will expand the list of locations to increase convenience.


All Tesloop Shuttles are shared rides to maximize the sustainability of the vehicle. You book per seat in our Tesla Model X and S which are driven by our certified and trained pilots. There are 3-4 seats available to book on any Tesloop.

Pricing on Tesloop varies by day, time of day starting at $29 for certain routes. To see how much your Tesloop will be, press "Book Now" on the homepage and search for your desired Tesloop.

*Booking prices around major holidays or events (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) will be premium priced so we can give our pilots a bump in pay.



Book with ease

Book your trip with a few clicks. On the day of your trip, arrive at your departure location around 10-15 minutes before your scheduled departure.

Travel is productive and sustainable

To support productivity and wellness during your trip, we offer complimentary amenities including WiFi, device chargers, and headphones. Complimentary healthy refreshments like organic juices, and snacks are available on all Tesloops.

Our commitment to sustainability reaches beyond zero emissions vehicles. We are looking at every aspect of the travel experience with an eye towards improving environmental sustainability, from vehicle maintenance, to waste disposal, to merchandise.

In the safest vehicles on the road

The Tesla Model S and Model X have the best safety rating of any car ever tested and with the ongoing enhancements to Tesla's Autopilot (a driver assistance feature) travel is becoming even safer. You’ll be glad to know that all Tesloop Pilots are rigorously screened, trained to use Autopilot, and tested to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for all travelers.



We understand how important it is to be productive and connected to the world. All of our Teslas have dual Wifi hotspots so you can keep working.

Device Chargers

We are charging fanatics at Tesloop, so we offer charging in all seats for multiple devices. There are always iPhone 5 and higher chargers and micro-usb chargers for android devices available in each seat, with iPhone 4 and mini-usb available on request. All vehicles have a 12volt power inverter that will let you plug your laptop in, just provide your own charger. 

Heated Seats

Even hot days can have chilly mornings. That is why every seat throughout our fleet is equipped with heated seats.

Healthy Snacks and Beverages

We believe that travelers should always be well hydrated and nourished when riding on Tesloop. Therefore we offer a variety of complimentary drinks and snacks.


We know how important having the right music is to making your travel environment enjoyable. Our cars are always connected to Soundcloud, Spotify and Slacker. If all vehicle passengers are in your party, you can choose your music/audio. If in a mixed group, please feel free to request any music that will be well received by the passengers.


Tesloop has suspended its shuttle-type service. Learn more in our open letter from our founder, here. Tesloop is now focused on developing its connected car network, Carmiq, as well as making its fleet available to be rented.