Tesloop has suspended its shuttle-type service. Learn more in our open letter from our founder, here. Tesloop is now focused on developing its connected car network, Carmiq, as well as making its fleet available to be rented.


Transportation Charter Permit

All Tesloop vehicles have a TCP labeled on the front and back of the vehicle. There are 3 classes of permits, of which Tesloop has a Class A permit. This permit allows for round-trip transportation between any points in the state.

Tesloop TCP - 0036573 - A

FAQs About TCPs in California

Tesloop Pilots

All Tesloops trips are driven by certified and trained Pilots. To become a Pilot you must go through a series of face to face interview, including an interview with our CEO. Driver's have their records background checked and are subject to random Drug & Alcohol testing performed by American Alliance Drug Testing. 

Before a Pilot can Tesloop on their own they must pass a series of online and in-person quizzes. Finally, they go through 8-10 hours of co-piloted training with one of our seasoned 5-Star Pilots.




Drivers and vehicles are insured by our insurance partners at Farmers. 

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Tesla vehicles have received the highest safety ratings for any vehicle in their class, ever. Vehicles are also equipped with a driver assistance feature called Autopilot. This feature allows the vehicle to steer, brake and change lanes on its own when activated by a driver. Drivers can take control at a moments notice. 

Accompanying the Autopilot software are a range of sensors and safety equipment. 


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Ground Control

Every Tesloop is monitored by a real person who we call a Ground Controller. Their job is to provide the Pilot any assistance needed as well as create a safe and amazing experience for customers.

Tesloop Technology

We’ve developed software that queries all of our vehicles in real time every second. This data is then gathered and monitored by our ground control team who know where a vehicle is, it's speed and range. 

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