"Tesloop is a completely new way of looking at transportation. It’s a brilliant solution that provides an efficient and amazing travel experience."

Nolan Bushnell Founder of


I’m all about sustainable living and Tesloop is amazing at keeping to their values of this. Not only is the transportation sustainable, but so are the companies of the yummy snacks they have on board. The ride was super relaxing and the other customers in the car with me were all so friendly. It was like hanging out and sharing stories and laughing at least half the ride up, then taking a short snooze before arriving. I highly recommend.
— Catherine M. | Yelp
Am a little behind in writing review of my mid-May Tesloop to Palm Spring. Headed to the desert and 104 degrees with Roberto. Smooth sailing as we chatted the miles away. We had two first-time passengers who got treated to the Tesloop spirit and experience. Roberto is the best! Arrived super charged and ready to work. Returned the following afternoon with a new pilot - Chavon. Very nice and very cool! Going to Palm Springs, check out Tesloop. And now you can also loop to San Diego and Orange County. How cool is that! See you again soon. Thank you.
— Melanie A. | Facebook
We had a family vacation in Palm Springs with everyone arriving from LA on a different day. Tesloop was the perfect way to avoid needing more than one car. The rides were easy to schedule and the price was more than fair. We received updates to advise us exactly when our car would arrive(it was on time). But even better was the ride in the Tesla itself. ..futuristic with all the comforts you want in the present...quiet ride, comfortable seats, with filtered air, wifi and snacks/drinks. Our driver was really nice and we felt well taken care of. Definitely recommend Tesloop
— Carol R. | Yelp
Had a great experience taking Tesloop from the LAX area to Palm Springs. The pilot Jonathan was excellent and the concierge Pam was also top notch. So enjoyed the ride and the excellent customer service! Beautiful blue Model X with wifi and white interior. Loved it...
— Diana B. | Yelp
Thank goodness to my friend who introduced me to Tesloop! I’m hooked! Comfy ride in a state of the art vehicle and may I just say my driver Roberto and his jazz hands were definitely a highlight of the year and it’s only March! Service was A++ starting with the texts from my concierge Sean all the way until I made it to the desert safe and sound. Can’t recommend this service enough. My booty will be back in that heated seat again very soon!
— Wamuhu W. | Yelp
Armie was a dope driver. Pretty cool experience for the cost. Tesla’s are fast and smooth. Good convo and tailored the ride to my needs (aka breaks and music and whatnot while I was on phone). The car was brand new and clean, snacks were on point and I happened to be the only rider! Hello private car! Was happy my driver was young and personable and easy to talk to. Made getting to the airport a memorable experience rather than a long one! The experience was super informative too if you are looking to buy a tesla.
Thanks Armie! Would definitely recommend Tesloop to my friends and family!
— Delaney E. | Yelp
I almost don’t want to let the secret out but Tesloop has become my new favorite mode of transport, not only can I chill and enjoy the ride, I can do some work, not worry about traffic or chat with my driver. Today I had Chris Phillips, he was great company and I reached Palm Springs in no time, relaxed and ready to enjoy my weekend!
— Liz S. | Yelp
So I caught the night loop from LA to palm springs and my driver Myles was super cool and friendly. It was my first time in a Tesla and let me say that my mind was blown by all the cool features it has and what it can do. Also it is 1/4 the price of what it would cost to take an Uber from LA to palms and the cheaper the better. Plus you’re helping save the enviroment. Wonderful business.
— Austin C. | Facebook
I got a text 45 minutes before my ride arrived (confirming pickup), got a text on arrival (5 minutes early - love the promptness) and had the most comfortable and amazing ride ever. It was my first time in a Tesla so Chris, the driver, was super friendly and enthusiastic in showing me the features and telling me about the car. He even had snacks & drinks for us! Also, Chris was incredibly nice and a great conversationalist. We arrived in Palm Springs at about 8am, earlier than anticipated.

I would highly highly recommend Tesloop! I hope this service expands and is made available in more cities. It was incredibly easy to book, had solid customer service and timeliness, and was friendly and professional. Not only is it an environmentally-conscious way to travel, but considering I’ll probably never own a Tesla, this was the perfect way to experience one and get to where I needed to be!
— Allison C. | Yelp