Surprisingly Reasonable Pricing

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Tesloop rides maximize the sustainability of fully electric Tesla vehicles. You book per seat in our Tesla Model Xs which are driven by our certified and trained pilots. There are 4 seats available on any Tesloop. 

Pricing on Tesloop varies by day starting at $29. To see how much your Tesloop will be, press "Book Now" on the homepage and search for your desired Tesloop.

*Booking prices around major holidays or events (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) will be premium priced so we can give our pilots a bump in pay.

Cities currently looped together

Los Angeles <--------> Orange County

Los Angeles <---------------> San Diego

Los Angeles <-----------> Palm Springs

Orange County <-----------> San Diego

Orange County <-------> Palm Springs

Example of a booking search between San Diego and LA

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or call your Tesloop Concierge at 818-330-6446