About US

At Tesloop, we’re building the world’s first sustainable transportation network that beats all the alternatives when it comes to value, convenience, and experience.  We offer mass transit, just like an airline or train system but in a smaller and more friendly package - serving routes up to 250 miles.  This year, for the first time ever - the technology now exists to allow you to travel to regional destinations, powered by electricity and with zero emissions. This is a huge win for both our health and the environment.

Our mission is to create the world's best travel experience in sustainable vehicles. We were founded by Haydn, who was 16-years-old at the time, in July 2015. Daily service subsequently started between Los Angeles and Las Vegas in our Tesla Model S that we have affectionately named Ehawk (an obscure Star Wars reference).

Our goal over the coming years is to provide access to sustainable transportation across the nation and the world.  We invite you to join us in this journey, because when we use sustainable transportation, everyone wins

How Tesloop works

Step 1. 

Book a trip on Tesloop.com or call our Concierges at  818-330-6446 8am-8pm PST

Step 2. 

Choose convenient pickup and drop off points.

Step 3. 

You'll receive a email confirmation with your itinerary and trip details.

Step 4. 

Travel city to city driven by our trained and certified Pilots in Teslas.

Hotel Partners

Food and Drink Partners

Tech Partners

We will create a branded discount code that you can give your guest, employees and community for their first ride. If you are not a locations, we can start the process to see if your locations can be added. 

What does a partnership look like?

Where do passengers get picked up and dropped off? 

Tesloop pick up/drop-off (PUDO) locations are dispersed along the route. Since autopilot only works on highways, we try to make the PUDO’s as close to the highway as possible. We try to select the most convenient and quick locations so there is less hassle and less delay. We do not offer home pickups because we need to be able to stay on track of our trips and keep a solid pace. 

Contact us at support@tesloop.com and ask to be forwarded to our business development and marketing team.