We at Tesloop believe that music is a key component to enhance one’s experience, in whatever scenario it may be. When you’re in a Tesloop, it is our goal to make your trip with us as amazing as possible. In a relentless effort to make sure your ears never grow stale of repetitive music, we have brought on our own in-house DJ, Jonnie King, who has  been a highly recognized and established taste-maker in the music and entertainment industry for the past 10 years. Jonnie spends hours on end each day combing through new music to always bring you the very best Tesloop sounds.


When you head to the Tesloop Soundcloud, you can hear our featured music which spans across 4 different genres that we've fittingly titled Tesloop PreferredFun n' FunkyDowntempo World Music and Easy Listening. A Tesloop should always be a smooth, seamless and enjoyable experience, so our finely tuned musical selections are always 1-hour+ continuous mixes that we're sure you'll love.


With over 50-hours of hand-selected music streaming from each Tesla, you can be assured we will create the perfect soundtrack for you. Access to Soundcloud, Spotify, and other services give us the ability to always find music that will  fit the mood. Regardless, if you’re streaming from home or in the car, let Tesloop discover new music for you.