The Mission and Road Ahead

Our mission at Tesloop is to make personal mobility increasingly efficient and increasingly beneficial to people and the planet. We want to make the car travel experience something you love.

We are building a software platform, named Carmiq, designed to enable the transportation system we dream of - one that is based on electric, data-connected, and increasingly autonomous vehicles.

Carmiq is open source, not controlled by any company, and is available for anyone to use for free. It is designed to balance the transparency we want in our transportation system with the privacy we deserve as individuals, while placing system control in the hands of travelers.  

Carmiq enables vehicle sharing, efficient data exchange, and blockchain based crypto-economic interactions amongst the wide variety of stakeholders involved in the mobility ecosystem.

At Tesloop, we believe that today Teslas are the safest, most innovative, and most sustainable vehicles in the world. Our goal is to provide low cost access to a shared fleet of Teslas, that any Tesla owner can join, in an increasingly flexible manner. We are building the mobility product we want for ourselves, our friends, and our loved ones. A mobility application that can simply manage all of our personal vehicle needs, across the world, at a dramatically lower cost than ever before. And we will always work to create a travel experience that leaves us inspired after every trip.