The Mission and Road Ahead

Our Mission at Tesloop: Make transformative car technologies more widely accessible

About Us: Since 2015, Tesloop has been offering city-to-city travel in Teslas, and has received the highest consumer ratings of any transportation system. Tesloop is focused on mobility scenarios that leverage the benefits of connected and increasingly autonomous EVs. Tesloop’s “One Way Rentals” is designed to offer safe, affordable, and high quality rentals between cities.

“One Way Rentals” democratises access to the world’s safest and most technologically advanced vehicles. This service option offers one-way city-to-city rentals in Teslas, starting with a route between Santa Monica and San Diego.

The “Vehicle Investment Program” unlocks the best path to take advantage of an emerging asset class - autonomous vehicles. Investors can purchase a Tesla and enlist it into Tesloop’s fleet, creating a passive income stream and receiving a favorable tax benefits.