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City to city one way Tesla rentals

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Store and gain insight into your Tesla’s data

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Learn about the economic potential of a Tesla.

A Model That Works For You

Tesloop is a flexible way to rent a Tesla one way that fits your lifestyle.



Multiple times available in each direction.


No hassle

Everything you need bundled into an easy package.



Simply one way pricing.


Why one way rentals on Tesloop are A great option?

  • You don't own a car, but need a ride for the weekend

  • Your final destination is a few hours from the nearest airport

  • You want to save money on parking fees

  • You don’t have the option to fly into the neighboring city

  • You have a business trip and don’t want to pay for a vehicle to sit at a hotel




We’ve launched one way rentals between

Downtown Santa Monica and Downtown San Diego

Atlanta and Augusta (Coming soon...)


A Growing Selection of Tesla Models

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Tesla Model S rentals starting at PRICE/month

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Tesla Model 3 rentals starting at PRICE/month

Tesla Model X rentals starting at PRICE/month


[Pricing Chart or graphic comparing Cruising cost to driving yourself or other options]

- Chart should include opportunity cost like time

- Environmental cost?

- Social cost (crowds and strangers)

How it Works

Step 1

See if You Qualify

As a renter, you need to be at least 25 years old with a clean driving record, U.S. driver’s license, and have good credit.



Step 2

Browse Vehicles

Go to the listing page and find a Tesla that fits your budget and timing needs. Fill out the booking request form for the listed Tesla.



Step 3

Get Approved

Your Tesloop Concierge will be in touch within 24 hours to complete the next steps and approve your booking. You’ll receive an itinerary.

[Approval Steps]


Step 4

Start Your Cruiser

Pick up the Tesla from a Tesloop location and drive away fully insured.

[Locations] & [Insurance]


Step 5

End Your Cruiser

To return the vehicle simply drop it off within the drop off time window stated in your itinerary.  

[Returning Cruiser]

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Peace of Mind



Once you pick up a vehicle your covered up to $__ dollars.


Drive unlimited miles within your one-way rental window.


Access to 24/7 emergency text and call support.

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