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Enhancing The Connected Vehicle Experience Through Carmiq

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What is Carmiq?

Carmiq is an online service that is creating the world's first "connectivity driven" marketplace for electric cars. It is being developed by Tesloop, which has been programmatically managing its Tesla fleet for over three years.

Currently, you can gain insights into "hidden" information such as your battery health and phantom drain. Soon you'll also be able to opt-in to services to help create supplemental income or streamline parts of your ownership such as tire maintenance or insurance.  

No downloading is required.

No downloading is required.


How do you sign up?

Go through the sign up process at Sign-up takes less than 90 seconds and lets you start earning network credits immediately. Connecting creates no obligations of any type to the car owner.

You are welcome to use only the components of the program that match your needs and you can opt-out at any time, and you own your own data.

What is coming to Carmiq?

After signing up with Carmiq, you will get the chance to opt-in to services that you might be interested in. A few of them are listed here on our roadmap. There are no obligations to participate in connected services (ex: renting out your vehicle)

If you have interest in a service, Carmiq will help you understand how your data can be used to achieve your goals and connect you with the providers that best suit you. Carmiq will never share your personal information with service providers unless you explicitly authorize this.

Your Tesla is an asset with potential…

Check out our interview with our friends from Now You Know and Rahul, our CEO, about the future of Tesloop, Carmiq and Tesla




Worried about Phantom Drain?

We are going to make sure that Carmiq doesn’t impact your battery’s drain rate. As a first step, we automatically pause data collection when your car is parked and not charging. This is the best way to ensure that your car can go to sleep and conserve charge any time of day or night.

If you would rather read our blog on this topic click here.

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