Cruiser (Beta)

Tesloop Cruiser allows you to drive a Tesla vehicle one-way between cities. Cruiser offers a new way to move between cities on a schedule, for one flat rate price which includes insurance and fuel. You can go by yourself or fill the Tesla with your friends and family.

You can reserve a Cruiser between LA ↔ San Diego and LA ↔ Palm Springs. For example, you'll pick the vehicle up at the Tesla Supercharger in one city  and drop it off at another Tesla Supercharger in another city. 


How To Book

How to book a cruiser .png
  Reservation Example

Reservation Example

Cruiser is available between LA and Palm Springs as well as LA and San Diego. The reservation will specifically say, “CRUISER” as seen in box A. If it doesn’t mention Cruiser then that Tesloop is a Shuttle ride.

In box B it will say “1 seat” available only. Unlike our Shuttle service where you book per seat, on Cruiser you are reserving the entire vehicle for one price.



Valid US License

Drivers must be 25 years of age

Pass DMV record check

Pass background check

Pay reservation and refundable damage deposit of $300


While Cruiser is in beta mode, customers will pick up and drop off the vehicles at or near Tesla Superchargers. As we expand the service we will add more locations to pick up and drop off the vehicle. See our interactive map to see where you can currently Cruise.

Current Cities Looped Together On Cruiser

Los Angeles and San Diego

Los Angeles and Palm Springs

Yeti_Xena_Wally_Model 3_Model X_IMG_4494.JPG


There are 4 - 6 seats (including the driver’s seat) available depending on which Tesla model you get with plenty of room for luggage.

You can book a Cruiser starting at $49 in a Model 3 and $79 for the Model X. Pricing will vary by day and route. 

If you split the price of the Model X Cruiser with 5 of your friends that's $16/person. 


Productive and sustainable Travel

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond zero emissions vehicles. We strive to improve every aspect of the travel experience with an eye towards environmental sustainability.

In the safest vehicles on the road

Teslas have the best safety ratings and continue to improve with ongoing enhancements to hardware and software.



headphones (1).PNG



We understand how important it is to be productive and connected to the world. All of our Model S and Model X Teslas have dual Wifi hotspots so you can keep working.


We are charging fanatics at Tesloop, so we offer charging in all seats for multiple devices. There are always iPhone 5 and higher chargers and micro-usb chargers for android devices available in each seat, with iPhone 4 and mini-usb available on request. All vehicles have a 12volt power inverter that will let you plug your laptop in, just provide your own charger. 


Even hot days can have chilly mornings. That is why every seat throughout our fleet is equipped with heated seats.


We believe that travelers should always be well hydrated and nourished when riding on Tesloop. Therefore we offer a variety of complimentary drinks and snacks. Complimentary water from our friends at Icelandic Water or Love Water will be provide. Icelandic Water is the first bottled water company certified as Carbon Neutral for product and operations. A portion of every bottle of Love Water that is purchased goes toward providing developing communities around the world with access to clean and sustainable water resources.


We know how important having the right music is to making your travel environment enjoyable. Our cars are always connected to Soundcloud, Spotify and Slacker. If all vehicle passengers are in your party, you can choose your music/audio. If in a mixed group, please feel free to request any music that will be well received by the passengers.

Read our full list of FAQs here. Have a question you don't see an answer to? Call our Concierge at 818-330-6446 or