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What is Carmiq?

Carmiq Connect is an online service designed to enable a better ownership experience for electric-connected cars.  Carmiq puts you in control of the data connectivity of your vehicle to make ownership more efficient and economical.  It does this by offering free data driven services, and facilitating automated interactions between car owners, car renters, and a growing ecosystem of service providers.

How do you sign up?

Sign-up takes less than 3 minutes and lets you start earning network credits immediately. Carmiq Connect creates no obligations of any type to the car owner. You are welcome to use only the components of the program that match your needs. You can opt out at any time, and you own your own data.

Create a Carmiq account

Use can use a Tesloop account if you already have one

Authenticate your Tesla Account & Select your vehicle

Add as many of your vehicles to Carmiq as you would like. You can add or remove vehicles later.  Earn credits for every vehicle.

Choose Services

Let us know what you are interested in. When the service type is ready, we will notify you. 

Earn Credits

You'll earn credits as you sign up and will continue to earn Connect credit awards for every month your vehicle is connected.  Credits will soon applicable towards vehicle services including renting Teslas in various locations.

Connected services coming soon on Carmiq

When you sign up you will get the chance to opt into services that you might have interest in. Tesloop will analyze your data feed and match you with relevant services. You never have any obligation to use any services, and can always opt out of categories. Here are a few services we are developing and plan to release in the coming months.


Fleetshare: Rent a Tesla

Rent any Tesla listed on our Fleetshare service when you are traveling or for family members when they need one.

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Free Data Utilities

Gain access to a variety of free data services for fun and insights.

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Car Cleaning

Leave your vehicle dirty, return to it clean. Allow professional mobile cleaners to come clean the exterior and/or interior of your vehicle.



Hire a driver to drive you to work, monetize your vehicle during the day and then drive you home at night.



Interested in buying a vehicle? Carmiq can assist you with this process.

Vehicle History Logging.png

Vehicle History Logging

Get driven to the airport and allow your vehicle to earn you money while you are away. Get a ride to the terminal, and leave your car in Tesloop’s care.



Set alerts for speeding, road conditions and more.

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Fleetshare: Share your Tesla

Rent Out Car: Earn cash and credits by renting your vehicle when you aren’t using it in a nearly effortless manner, fully insured.


Vehicle Insurance

Save money on insurance by using your vehicle data to validate your driving patterns.

Tire Services.png

Tire Maintenance

Take the effort out of ensuring that your tires are always in good shape, and streamline Maintenance and replacements.



Find lower cost parking options and access streamlined payment options.

Airport Services.png

Airport Services

Get driven to the airport and allow your vehicle to earn you money while you are away. Get a ride to the terminal, and leave your car in Tesloop’s care.

Vehicle Charging.png

Vehicle Charging

Find better options for charging your vehicle.

Other Services.png

Other Services

These are just a few of the services we are developing for Carmiq.

About Us

Carmiq is a connected car community and services marketplace that is being designed by Tesloop.

Tesloop is an LA based startup that in 2015 launched the most innovative automotive mobility service in the world running from LA to Las Vegas, and this was soon followed with routes to Palm Springs and San Diego.  Tesloop has been managing a fleet of Teslas driving over 17,000 miles per month, with its first vehicle, eHawk, now with 425,000 miles on it.

Tesloop is now taking the software it has developed to manage its own fleet and freely opening it up to Tesla owners across the world, so they can realize the types of benefits that only fleet owners could previously enjoy.

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Reviews of Tesloop

This company has really nailed this concept on the head. Beyond accommodating concierge and drivers! All around 100% satisfaction
— Sara A.
This service has got everything right. It’s cheaper than uber, friendly people, real customer service, good schedule, environmentally friendly. And best of all you are in a Tesla. This is the safest car in the world, and the best way to travel I have quickly learned.
— Rahu C
Seamless, easy, amazing pricing, great people and service. All of this and you get to ride in the world’s most advanced luxury vehicle.
— Steve S.

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