A Better Model for Electric Car Ownership

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Better Economics

Share your vehicle to realize transformative economics of car ownership.

Enlisting your vehicle in Carmiq’s collaborative fleet can drastically lower your payments. Carmiq also certifies vehicle usage history, allowing you to realize the tax benefits of commercial vehicle use.

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Better Experience

Leverage your vehicles data feed to access vehicle services including:

  • pilots (to drive you)

  • tire service

  • maintenance concierge

  • charging

  • favorable commercial financing


Flexible Access

Get access to other Teslas in the collaborative fleet in your city and in a growing number of locations when you travel.

Carmiq will offer increasing flexibility in arranging your desired schedule and usage policies for your car and others in the fleet.

Experience a wide range of benefits at no cost

There is no cost to enlist your vehicle in the Carmiq collaborative fleet and no obligations. After authorizing your data, you can take advantage of either digital services, vehicle services, or monetization services that allow you to rent out your car to others which will earn you money and tax benefits to offset the cost of your vehicle.

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What is Carmiq?

Carmiq is Tesloop’s software platform that enables collaborative fleet management. All you need to do to unlock the full potential of your vehicle is enlist it on the Carmiq platform. Carmiq will leverage the connectivity of your vehicle to provide transformative economics and a transformative ownership experience.

What is Tesloop?

Tesloop is the first Tesla-based mobility service for consumers, offering city-to-city shared-car transportation and rentals in Teslas. Tesloop currently manages a fleet of Model X, Model S, and Model 3 vehicles. It leverages the low cost of electric technology along with the optimizations enabled by continuous vehicle data feeds. Tesloop focuses on an amazing travel experience whether you are being driven or driving yourself. We believe traveling in a safe, productive, and sustainable way should be an experience that’s truly inspiring from booking to arrival, and we work collaboratively to repeatedly acheive this goal.

How do I sign up?

All you need to do is enlist your car into Carmiq by filling out our signup form. Based on your location and vehicle type, we will inform you when specific services are ready in your area. By providing access to your data feed, your car is now part of the network.


Q. Is the Carmiq Platform running already?

A. We are currently building the Beta and have launched in select geographies in California. We will send a notification to all those signed up as we launch services in their locations.

Q. Do I get anything for signing up early?

A. Yes. Enlisting your vehicle earlier will enable higher benefits in the future, as your vehicle will have the benefits of economic seniority.  By filling out the sign up form by March 30th, 2018 and you'll get access to exclusive benefits and bonuses when we launch the Beta.

Q. What if I don't want to enlist my vehicle for fleet use, but still want access to the data feed?

A. You are welcome to use only the components of the program that match your needs. You can sign up for data services only, which grants you access to a Carmiq dashboard, enhanced services, pilots and you are never required to put your vehicle on the fleet or share it with others.

Q: What is the minimum time commitment for fleet use?

A. For the FleetX Founders Program, a 20 day a month commitment is required. This will lowered to 2 hour time blocks in the near future.

Q: What do I get with Data Services?

A. We currently track your vehicle's usage history, service record tracking, speeding alerts, and tax reporting. We also offer general tips, tricks and more. Soon to be released are tire services, through our favorite tire vendor.


The Peer program is available in a wide range of geographies and allows you to rent your vehicle to others in the network, in a mode where you take on the roles of vehicle inspection, cleaning and management.  In the Fleet program a Mobility Service Provider such as Tesloop assume responsibility for all these functions.

Q: What do I get when my Tesla is professionally fleet managed?

A. Tesloop has been managing and monetizing Teslas for years now in Southern California and we are leaders in the space. Other than generating demand for your vehicle you get a professional team marketing, managing and monetizing your vehicle. Here is how we currently plan to categorize. This is subject to change. 

Level 1 - Tesloop IQ: (Sharing Data Services Only)

  • Free data services as they are released

  • Vehicle History and Service Records Tracking

  • Speeding alerts (helpful if you let your friends or family drive the vehicle on your own time) 

Level 2 - Tesloop Peer: (Part Time Use Of Vehicle by Tesloop) 

  • The ability to get other Teslas in other cities

Level 3 - Tesloop Crew: (Full Time Fleet Managed by Tesloop)

  • Favorable Tax Benefits in the United States and some other countries

  • All maintenance paid and managed

  • Faster financing payoffs

  • Save on parking

Q: What If I give you my Tesla full time?

A. Whenever you want to make money from your Tesla, leave it to us to monetize. With just a few days a month you can significantly subsidize your payment, and if you let us monetize your car 50% or more of the time (defined as 14 or more periods of 24 hours) your car is FREE.

Q: What vehicle payments and expenses are covered?

A. The more you allow your vehicle to be on the platform the more we will cover your vehicle expenses. At a certain threshold we will cover all of your vehicle expenses and pay you a percentage. 

Q: What about Liability and Insurance? What if my vehicle is damaged?

A. When your vehicle is being actively managed by Tesloop on Carmiq it will be insured through our insurance partner Farmers insurance. In the unlikely event of your vehicle being damaged, we will give you a loaner vehicle until repairs are done or pay the costs for vehicle replacement.

Q:If I Am Buying a Tesla, Do you have a financier? 

A. Our financing partner for Carmiq is Sutton Leasing. The amount due at signing and downpayment to be disclosed when Sutton or your financier runs your credit. At the end of your lease you will be able to take ownership of your Tesla. If you don’t want it at that time, Tesloop will purchase it from Sutton or your financier.

Note: This combines the benefits of a lease and ownership (no upfront tax)

Q: What are the tax implications?

A. Speak with your accountant about the following details. The government allows $0.55 per mile tax deduction for commercial use of a vehicles which covers operations and depreciation. For every mile your car drives as part of the Tesloop Fleet, you may be able to deduct that amount from your passive income and apply this against personal or capital gains in the future if you do not have passive income.