Shuttle Suspension and Launch of One way rentals & Carmiq


Three years ago, Tesloop launched the first electric car mobility service. We started with ride shares between Las Vegas and Los Angeles in a 2015 Tesla Model S. Over the course of two and a half million miles, routes expanded across Southern California and the service achieved the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any transportation service in the world.

Our experience running Tesloop has provided us with keen insights on operating electric connected vehicles. Behind the scenes, we have built software that enables us to process and share vehicle data in real-time with various partners, such as those providing insurance, tire service, parking and more. This empowered us to achieve the significant operational and cost efficiencies that allowed us to offer consistent and high-quality ridesharing at affordable prices.

Applying this to our modestly sized fleet was a big win for us and our passengers, but we believe that we can provide an even bigger win for the entire community by opening this system up to next-generation electric vehicle owners. Moving forward, we are shifting our focus to our new product, Carmiq, which will be the world’s first connected car community. Carmiq is designed to make electric connected car ownership and usage increasingly effortless, economical, and beneficial by leveraging the vehicle data feeds to connect owners to a range of services.

Carmiq’s goal is to make common vehicle services such as insurance, financing, parking, and tire service more economical and efficient, and enable nearly effortless car sharing and car rentals. We believe this feature set has the potential to radically transform the economics and user experience for electric vehicles.

For the time being, in relation to California State permitting issues that are controlled by the Public Utilities Commission, we are suspending our operations of ‘Tesloop Shuttle’, effective October 1st, 2018. We expect to reconfigure our mobility service offerings around Carmiq in the future, once our new expanded PSC permitting is issued. These will include a broader variety of offerings in more locations inside and outside of California. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this transition may cause to our existing passengers who have supported us thus far.

Tesla owners will receive Credits for Carmiq services simply by signing up. We look forward to the next chapter in electric mobility.

Edit: The following was added June 9th, 2019.

Since suspending our Shuttle service last year, we have been working hard to resume connecting cities in Southern California with convenient, affordable, safe, and delightful transit options. While our fundamental mission of making high-quality regional transportation more accessible remains the same, our new product differs in a few ways from the Shuttle service you are familiar with.

Today, you can book a one way rental in a Tesla between Los Angeles (Santa Monica & near LAX) and San Diego (Mission Valley). Instead of booking a seat, you book the full car and can bring up to four friends or family members. This provides more schedule flexibility, allowing you to select a departure time that is most convenient for you. Additionally, instead of being driven by one of our Pilots, you get to experience driving a Tesla yourself! Every vehicle in our fleet is equipped with Autopilot, Tesla’s driver assistance features, which create the safest and most enjoyable highway driving experience.

Haydn Sonnad

Founder of Tesloop

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