Tesloop pilots the first zero-emission electric freight shipping initiative

LA-based mobility startup leverages Model X towing capabilities in internal supply chain efforts

Culver City-based mobility startup, Tesloop, has this month partnered with Noah’s Spring Water to leverage the towing capabilities of a Tesla Model X to transport 250 cases or 3,500 lbs of water from the 7-UP Bottling Station in Modesto to Tesloop’s headquarters in Culver City, in an effort to reduce emissions and increase sustainability within its supply chain.

Tesloop, with the help of DV Trailers, transported the water from Noah's Bottling Plant in Modesto to Tesloop HQ in Culver

Tesloop, with the help of DV Trailers, transported the water from Noah's Bottling Plant in Modesto to Tesloop HQ in Culver

The Tesla Model X, capable of towing up to 5,000lbs, can be used not only as the ideal long distance passenger mobility vehicle, but can also be used to move freight.  Tesloop's procurement of 250 cases (3,500 lbs) of Noah's Spring Water in environmentally sustainable packaging, represents the first zero-emission electric shipping demonstration, in order to support mission to create a sustainable ecosystem that supports passenger travel.

Tesloop CEO, Rahul Sonnad, said: “This is the first step in creating an emissions-free supply chain. It’s exciting to be demonstrating that we can make inroads towards lowering our carbon footprint in our supply chain also, both by sourcing environmentally friendly products, and by thinking through the transportation logistics related to these in-car amenities. While freight travel is not at the core of our business, working to advance the sustainability of our entire mobility ecosystem is core to our values.

“At Tesloop, we partner with companies and people who share our values and the quest for better products and better packaging of these products. Noah’s Water is a perfect example of breaking the norm to deliver a more sustainable product.”

Noah’s Spring Water will now be offered as a free amenity in Tesloop cars along with other healthy drinks and snacks. Tony Varni, President and CEO of Noah’s Spring Water notes that their cans are “refillable, resealable and 100% recyclable. We encourage people to drink Noah’s Spring Water from the CapCan, refill it several times while on the go, at the office, at school, then recycle it before buying another one.”

This month, Tesloop expanded its routes in Southern California, providing round trips from LA to all major destinations including: Palm Springs; Orange County; and San Diego, with up to ten round trips per day on a given route. The company also notes that Santa Barbara will be its next service route, along with some initial pilots in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tesloop vehicles are loaded with a wide range complimentary amenities to ensure a healthy, productive and relaxing experience: fast wifi with dual hotspots, device charging, nutritious snacks and beverages, a variety of neck pillows, and noise cancelling headphones for those seeking privacy, as well as car features, such as heated seats, filtered air, and the highest safety ratings in the world.

Over the last two years, Tesloop has achieved the highest satisfaction rating of any travel service in the world, with a 5 star rating on Yelp and Facebook.

Fred Hulls