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Carmiq is the world’s first open network for connected cars.  It currently supports Tesla vehicles of all types except the original Roadster.  

Carmiq has been designed by Tesloop, an LA based startup that in 2015 launched the most innovative automotive mobility service in the world.  Tesloop launched with shuttles in Model S vehicles from from LA to Las Vegas, followed by routes to Palm Springs and San Diego in Model X vehicles.  In the process of managing its own vehicles, which were driven over 17,000 miles per month, Tesloop developed software to collect data and control vehicles to make its own operations more efficient.

Tesloop has now opened this service up to any Tesla owner in the world, with it’s new Carmiq Network, so any owner can realize the types of data-driven benefits that only fleet owners could previously enjoy.  The service is free and will include an increasing number of features over the next several months.

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This company has really nailed this concept on the head. Beyond accommodating concierge and drivers! All around 100% satisfaction
— Sara A.
The BEST thing about Tesloop, besides the great prices and the low carbon emissions, is the SERVICE. I couldn’t believe how accommodating they were and how willing they were to go out of their way to help me! Truly outstanding service! They will go above and beyond to please their customers. Thank you Rahul! I will be using your service again and let people know about it!
Seamless, easy, amazing pricing, great people and service. All of this and you get to ride in the world’s most advanced luxury vehicle.
— Steve S.