Our mission is to have a positive impact.

Tesloop makes mobility increasingly efficient and beneficial to people and the planet


The Tesloop experience is designed to make travel productive, efficient, nourishing, and hassle-free. Our goal is to make everything as simple and pleasant as possible, so you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. We are constantly looking for ways to make your time in the vehicle as amazing as it can be, and accommodating of the wide variety of goals people have when traveling.


Tesloop's goal is to provide travelers an alternative to burning fossil fuels and creating air pollution every time they want to travel. In today's market, outside of Tesloop, unless you are able to buy a Tesla and drive yourself, there are no other zero-emissions options. Our plan over the the next two years is to make sustainable travel an option on all common travel routes served by the Tesla Supercharger Network.


While the technology for sustainable travel now exists, the reality is that most Teslas and other electric vehicles are utilized less than 10% of the time and often less than 5% of the time.  So while currently an electric vehicle purchase eliminates the need for one fossil fuel vehicle, the potential of each car is significantly higher. In an ideal case, a Tesla can be driven about 16 hours a day and charged for about 6 hours a day, with a little buffer for unexpected traffic. The Tesloop network is designed to enable this type of vehicle utilization over time, with the maximum possible occupancy of each vehicle. Our current vehicles are being driven roughly 18,000 miles per month, and as we scale our routes and see Autopilot enhancements, we will start to enable more night-time driving, thus moving towards 30,000 miles per month of driving. In this scenario, each vehicle can begin to remove about 40 tons of carbon emissions per month, about 20x the impact of a normal Tesla usage scenario. Because the production of electric vehicles is supply constrained over the next few years, the ability to use each vehicle in an optimal manner is the best thing we can do to reduce traffic while improving air-quality as well as reducing our environmental impact. 


Over the next several years, as transportation transforms into a digital service, the cost of moving people will dramatically decline. Our goal at Tesloop is to leverage the economic benefits of a new generation of electric/autonomous technology and put that into the hands of the community. Our goal is to make driving anywhere in the world free, so that people who are interested in piloting Tesloop vehicles, while ensuring an amazing travel experience for their fellow passengers, will not have to pay to travel. As autonomous car technology improves over the next three years to the point where it is safer than human drivers, we expect this to become a common reality. We think this system works better for everyone, and eliminates the mundane task of repetitively driving long distances as a job. For more information on becoming a Tesloop Pilot, please see information on the Tesloop Pilots club.