City-To-City Tesloop Shuttle Service Suspension in California starting Oct 1st and Announcement of Carmiq.

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Shuttle Suspension and Carmiq Connected Car Community Launch

Three years ago, Tesloop launched the first electric car mobility service. We started with ride shares between Las Vegas and Los Angeles in a 2015 Tesla Model S. Over the course of two and a half million miles, routes expanded across Southern California and the service achieved the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any transportation service in the world.

Our experience running Tesloop has provided us with keen insights on operating electric connected vehicles. Behind the scenes, we have built software that enables us to process and share vehicle data in real-time with various partners, such as those providing insurance, tire service, parking and more. This empowered us to achieve the significant operational and cost efficiencies that allowed us to offer consistent and high-quality ridesharing at affordable prices.

Applying this to our modestly sized fleet was a big win for us and our passengers, but we believe that we can provide an even bigger win for the entire community by opening this system up to next-generation electric vehicle owners. Moving forward, we are shifting our focus to our new product, Carmiq, which will be the world’s first connected car community. Carmiq is designed to make electric connected car ownership and usage increasingly effortless, economical, and beneficial by leveraging the vehicle data feeds to connect owners to a range of services.

Carmiq’s goal is to make common vehicle services such as insurance, financing, parking, and tire service more economical and efficient, and enable nearly effortless car sharing and car rentals. We believe this feature set has the potential to radically transform the economics and user experience for electric vehicles.

For the time being, in relation to California State permitting issues that are controlled by the Public Utilities Commission, we are suspending our operations of ‘Tesloop Shuttle’, effective October 1st, 2018. We expect to reconfigure our mobility service offerings around Carmiq in the future, once our new expanded PSC permitting is issued. These will include a broader variety of offerings in more locations inside and outside of California. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this transition may cause to our existing passengers who have supported us thus far.

We encourage everyone to sign up for our Carmiq mailing list here, where we will soon be releasing details on our new plans. Tesla owners will receive Credits for Carmiq services simply by signing up. We look forward to the next chapter in electric mobility.

Haydn Sonnad

Founder of Tesloop


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What's a Tesloop?

Tesloop is the first service offering city-to-city shared-car transportation in Teslas. It combines both the low cost of electric technology with a focus on an inspiring experience. Discover the benefits of Tesloop's convenient pickup and drop-off locations while you avoid airport hassles and the challenges of driving yourself.  We believe traveling in a safe, productive, and sustainable way should be an experience that’s truly inspiring from booking to arrival.


Who Travels on Tesloop?

Tesloop is similar to a plane, train or bus, taking the best aspects of each and wrapping it into a unique experience. It is great for those traveling daily long distance commutes, the business traveler trying to get to LAX or for those reconnecting with family and friends. You can finally relax and stay productive when traveling while enjoying complimentary amenities such as wifi, device chargers, healthy snacks and drinks, travel pillows and headphones.

Types of Tesloops

There are a few options for you to choose from on how you'd like to travel with Tesloop. Learn more about these options here.

Cities Currently Looped Together

Los Angeles and San Diego

Los Angeles and Palm Springs

Los Angeles and Orange County

Orange County and San Diego

How Much?

Tesloops are priced per seat on Shuttle. Prices vary depending on the time of day as well as the route. To see these prices, simply go to our booking search engine, input your travel information and select search. 

 Booking and Pricing Example. Pricing is subject to change.

Booking and Pricing Example. Pricing is subject to change.


What Amenities Are On Tesloop?

Tesloop Shuttles come stocked with amenities to make your trip comfortable and productive. 

  • Fast Wifi

  • Device Charging (USB, USB-C, 12volt)

  • Heated Seats

  • Noise-Canceling Headphones

  • Healthy Snacks and Drinks

  • Travel Pillows

  • Curated Music

Read Our Amazing Reviews

Heard about Tesloop from a friend. What a great experience. My driver, Mark, made the trip seem to just fly by. I learned all kinds of really interesting things about Tesloop and Teslas. We went from LA (near LAX) to Palm Desert in just about 2 hours. Having the snacks, drinks, and wifi were great. This was my first time being in a Tesla of any kind and it was an awesome experience. Such a smooth, luxurious, and quiet (the vehicle itself) ride. Even though Tesloop is not directly affiliated with Tesla, it’s a great way to market the brand and their vehicles. I definitely recommend at least trying Tesloop. I hope that they add more routes in the future.
— Darryl A.
We had a family vacation in Palm Springs with everyone arriving from LA on a different day. Tesloop was the perfect way to avoid needing more than one car. The rides were easy to schedule and the price was more than fair. We received updates to advise us exactly when our car would arrive(it was on time). But even better was the ride in the Tesla itself. ..futuristic with all the comforts you want in the present...quiet ride, comfortable seats, with filtered air, wifi and snacks/drinks. Our driver was really nice and we felt well taken care of. Definitely recommend Tesloop.
— Carol R.
Heard about Tesloop through a friend and was intrigued. Was going to San Diego for pleasure and decided to mix things up and train it down and Tesloop it back. Our driver, Ryan, was a real pleasure — all-around great guy, while also being super safe and professional. The car was terrific, too — smooth ride, really comfortable seats, tons of light and visibility through lots of windows, plus the service provides thoughtful amenities like drinks and snacks, charging cords, pillows, and more. Long story short, I will be spreading the gospel of Tesloop! PS - To the company: Please start Santa Barbara service!
— Audrey G.

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