Need transportation to VidCon? Tesloop has a free offer for you in a Tesla Model X

Book a trip on our expanded schedule between Los Angeles and Orange County using the links below

And if you want to record or do live Facebook broadcasts, we can arrange a trip in our "Studio Car" with 4k video and Live Streaming features. Call us at 818-330-6446 for details.

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What's Tesloop?

Tesloop lets you book a seat in a Model X Tesla for travel between cities. It’s an alternative to the train, plane, bus or driving yourself.

Vehicles leave throughout the day, and offer pickup and drop offs and dozens of spots including Hotels, Starbucks and other locations near highways. Tesloop comes packed with amenities aimed at keeping you productive and relaxed. Enjoy complimentary wifi, device chargers, healthy snacks, healthy drinks, travel pillows and noise canceling headphones.

Cities currently looped together

Cities that are currently looping

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For 100% off your round trip | Expires 6/30/17

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Book Ahead of Time

Search for the places you want to go on our Google-powered website, and we'll find the closest Tesloop for you.

There are multiple pre-scheduled Tesloops that you can book throughout the day, allowing you to visit your favorite attractions, commute to work, visit a family member or catch a flight.

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Traveling with friends?

Book up to 4 seats and be driven by our certified and trained Pilots.

Pickup and Drop Offs

We have convenient pickup and drop off locations throughout the cities that we serve. After booking your Tesloop show up at least 5 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

We have direct pick up and drop offs at many hotel locations and major tourist destinations.

Find the closest one to you!

map view of all the available pickups and drop offs


map view of all the available pickups and drop offs

Each Tesloop passenger is allowed one medium sized suitcase and two personal items. If you are looking to bring more luggage learn about our luggage limits below or call a live Tesloop Concierge at 818-330-6446 between 8am-8pm PST.


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