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"As of April 9th, 2017 we've put our LA and Las Vegas as well as Palm Springs and Las Vegas routes on hold until further notice. We will be expanding our service in SoCal and will eventually bring the route Las Vegas route back. Subscribe to our email list to receive updates as well as be notified as soon as we bring those routes back. Thank you!"

- Team Tesloop

I’m all about sustainable living and Tesloop is amazing at keeping to their values of this. Not only is the transportation sustainable, but so are the companies of the yummy snacks they have on board. The ride was super relaxing and the other customers in the car with me were all so friendly. It was like hanging out and sharing stories and laughing at least half the ride up, then taking a short snooze before arriving. I highly recommend.

- Catherine M. 

I used Tesloop back in July and couldn’t be any happier with the service. The driver was polite, played music to my liking and made sure I was comfortable. We stopped briefly for about 20 mins or so to supercharge and this allowed me to stretch, use the bathroom and grab a smoothie. When it comes to last minute trips this is the most cost effective solution of quality. 5 out of 5 stars. Teslas are really cool and had a bunch of features I didn’t know existed!

- Jordan M. 

Had a great time trying out the Tesloop ride to Las Vegas. It made the trip much, much more bearable and actually enjoyable. The pilots were courteous, friendly, and informative. Had a nice time chatting with them.

The ride itself was smooth and it was fascinating watching the car drive itself as well as observing all the additional features available compared to the standard vehicle.

We met up with our driver in redondo beach. We then drove straight through and made a stop in Barstow for recharging. Took about 25 minutes. Just enough time to stretch out and get a snack. Then it was a straight shot to Vegas.

The price was affordable compared to what you would usually pay. Especially if you take advantage of the first ride discount when you sign up. Totally worth the money.

- Jason L. 

Great experience from start to finish, this should be utilized by anyone looking to get to Vegas or somewhere on Tesloop’s route. This was better than flying to Vegas from Burbank. Thank you, Tesloop!

- Samantha J. 

Great experience, fast. Took Tesloop from LA to Vegas and flew back from Vegas to LA during Thanksgiving weekend. I can tell you, that with the airlines being so busy, I did almost the same amount of time from when I left my house and got picked up by Tesloop, as to when I left to go to airport, land, and then get a taxi from airport back home. The price difference was substantial. Tesloop is challenging the traditional ways of public transportation...they’re thinking outside the box and how to make things better for the consumer. My prediction is that Tesloop will do to Greyhound transportation what Redbox/Netflix did to Blockbuster...

They offer high-end snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, chargers for your phone, neck pillows, and very enjoyable.

- Chava M.

It’s very rare I find a product or service so exceptional and transformational that I feel compelled to share my story. Stuck between a $300+ plane ticket and an 8-hour bus trip to get from Vegas to LA, I stumbled upon Tesloop as a possible alternative. My initial apprehension was rewarded by what turned out to be the best part of my trip.

The pickup was as smooth as could be - no lines, no TSA, no extra fees. My driver was professional and courteous, yet friendly and accommodating, an oft overlooked factor for someone with whom you’re going spend the next four hours in a car. And the car! A smooth sailing ride with individual climate control, wi-fi, water, just about everything you could want for the journey.

I can now say without reservation that the airlines will not be getting another dime from me on any short-haul route Tesloop is operating. I feel as if I am among the first in the nation to experience the future of transportation and that future is extraordinarily bright. My hat is off to those who are building this awesome company and, for a change, I’m actually looking forward to the return trip next week!

- Mike G. 

What an amazing service!... For the money, I can guarantee that you will not find any better way to get too or from Vegas. This is a stark contrast to the horrid experience of flying on a plane in the modern context. The driver Stephanie was amazingly friendly and my entire trip was comfortable and entertaining. Sleeping on board is also encouraged and easy to do in that silent cabin setup they have. It’s a great price for a valuable service. I love people trying to reinvent the mold and work new angles, this is definitely what this service represents... Superb job overall. Much better than any other form of travel I can think of, besides maybe a private jet lol Which I’m pretty sure would cost you accordingly. haha

- Austin M. 

This is such a simple and brilliant idea. I hope you soon expand LA to SF as well- tesla’s provide such a smooth, comfy ride, and the WI-FI option makes driving to LAX, going through security, waiting to board—all of that now feels ridiculous. Plus there’s really little need to have a car in Vegas, especially with such high valet prices, not to mention the cost of speeding tickets. Really cool idea. Affordable. Comfortable.

- Vicki K. 

My friends and I traveled to Vegas from LA in a fully loaded, beautiful Tesla! Our driver, Brian, was right on time. His calm and cool demeanor made our smooth ride up to Vegas even that much better. After getting an orientation about the car, Brian gave us some additional cool inside tips. The trip up was perfect! We ran into an issue with our return trip, but Tesloop customer service went above and beyond to make sure we got home. Everything was resolved in no time. This is the type of service that keeps customers coming back. My friends and I are already looking at dates to book our next trip up to Vegas!

- Jessica M.