Imagine finishing every commute feeling relaxed, refreshed, and on top of your day.

4 Pack Benefits

  • One Tesloop code that you can use four times
  • Usable on any route 
  • Transferrable to friends and family
  • One seat only
  • Expires after 6 months 

2- Seat Pack Benefits

  • A Tesloop code that you can use for 2-seats on 1 Tesloop. 
  • Usable on any route
  • Transferrable to friends and family
  • Expires after 6 months.

Month Pass Benefits

  • A Tesloop Pass that you can use an unlimited amount for 1 calendar month. 
  • Usable on any route 
  • Non-Transferrable to friends and family
  • One seat only 
  • Free "24 hr companion" passes*
  • One gift pass per month*

7 Day Pass Benefits

  • A Tesloop Pass that you can use an unlimited amount of times for 7 consecutive days.
  • Usable on any route 
  • Non-Transferrable to friends and family
  • One seat only 

This is a general schedule and only applicable to Month Passes. Pass will be discounted on Mondays by 12pm PST.

  • *Free "companion" passes. If there are any open seats in your Tesloop 24 hours before your ride, you can book one of them for a friend, loved one, or colleague, completely free. Book the extra seat through a Tesloop concierge at 818-330-6446. For a limited time only. 
  • *One free gift pass per month. You can gift a free ride in a Tesla to a person who hasn't tried Tesloop before. 
  • Unlimited free rides on weekends on any route we serve. Don't just ride in Teslas to get to work! Use your unlimited pass to visit your out-of-town friends, parents, grandparents or just for the heck of it.


  1. Can I really travel unlimited? Yes. Book and ride on as many Tesloop you want during the time period you purchased for. 
  2. Does the 4-pack expire? Yes. Your 4-pack will expire in 6-months from the date of purchase. However, you can still book seats on trips that will occur after the expiration date.
  3. Do month passes cover large luggage? Pass holders are still subject to the same luggage limits and policy found on our FAQs. click here.
  4. Can my friends and family members use my 7 day or month pass? Unfortunately no. Your Tesloop commuter pass is good for 1 seat each way and is attached to your name. Tesloopers will be asked to provide ID by their Pilot. 
  5. Will I be charged every week or month? Nope! Purchase your pass when you need it. You'll need to purchase a new pass for each time period you'd like to travel in. 
  6. Does buying a pack or pass guarantee me a seat? No. Tesloops are still subject to availability. We suggest checking what trips you would like to book and then purchase a pass or pack.  
  7. What if I want to cancel my pass? Email us at letting us know you'd like to cancel. A refund, divided by the number of rides already taken or the amount of time passed since purchased, will be issued within 3-10 business days. Any future bookings associated with your pass will also be cancelled. 

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