Tesloop's Rolling Studio

We have  configured our silver Tesla Model X that we've affectionately nicknamed "Hiho" (aka "Hi-ho Silver!") to record video in 4k, and have 12 megs of verizon bandwith (3x LTE hotspots).  It's effectively a rolling studio. 

This can be used for Facebook live streaming and production. We are looking for influencers who want to try it out to Palm Springs or San Diego/Orange County.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in doing rolling podcasts or vlogs, please connect us.

Interested in creating some content? Email us at support@tesloop.com 


Mevo Camera by Livestream

Simple, small and discreet — it's like a TV studio in your pocket. Mevo packs the power of a professional crew into a portable, unobtrusive camera that fits in the palm of your hand.


Blue Yeti USB Microphone, Whiteout

The Blue Yeti USB Microphone gives you the pristine recording and audio whether you're in your room, on the road, or in the Himalayas.

Book the Rolling Studio

You can book the rolling studio for $95/hour. The rolling studio is also available on a complimentary basis for select projects with meaningful distribution and audience. If you would like to book the rolling studio reach out to us at support@tesloop.com.