We know how much playing the right music can make travel enjoyable. At Tesloop we are continuously combing the internet for the best artist and DJs. Whether they are in the top ten billboard charts or underground DJs you'll know that their tracks were carefully hand selected for your road trip.

Our Soundcloud page also highlights our determination to bring fresh-new music to our customers ears. During this round of selection, we have great content from Kill Frenzy featured from the rising Dirtybird house music collective, to more pop-oriented groups such as Snakehips and Hermitude, even to more indie/alternative artists such as Vance Joy and Glass Animals. Regardless, if you’re streaming from home or in the car, let Tesloop help you discover new music.

For this current round of selected musical content, a wide variety of songs were chosen to keep up-to-date on the current musical trends as well as incorporate well-known classics. From artists such as Drake and Frank Ocean, to electronic artists like Deadmau5 and Kaskade, to an even more worldly aesthetic featuring Swiss Youtube Composer, Adrian von Ziegler, Tesloop has you covered for your next ride. 

With over 50 gigabytes worth of music downloaded for each Tesla, you'll know that we have the right music for you. All you need to do is ask your Tesloop Pilot. 

Don't want to listen to listen to the latest EDM tracks? Our Pilots can play: 
Harmonix Ensembles
Spoken Word
and more...

Erica is Tesloop's defacto house DJ (or should that be car DJ), as her spinning seemingly syncs with the spinning of the car wheels. Born in Greensboro, North Carolina, Erica spent her early childhood years mixing her mom’s R&B & hip-hop tapes for friends. Inspired by the ability to move people through sound and vibration, Erica is firmly rooted in the belief that music is a worldly language we all ‘speak’ without moving our lips. In 2007, she landed her first DJ stint at the legendary Cielo. Erica's downtempo sets are a favorite among Tesloop pilots as the fill the Tesla cabin with divine energy.

While earning his Bachelor of Arts from Cal State Fullerton, Aren has been heavily involved in the electronic music industry working digital/social media and event logistics for multiple high-level organizations. Aren is mostly known for being a key role in the popular brand/movement, Twonk, created by popular electronic artist, Brillz. Now he brings his ambitious, passionate, and enthusiastic personality to Tesloop. Aren is the the Creative Director of Tesloop and curates the musical selections available during the traveler experience.