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Tesloop offers city-to-city shared-car transportation, that leverages both the low cost of electricity and the rapid advancements in autonomous driving technology. It's a new form of mass transit, but with more convenient locations and no airport hassles. We believe traveling in a safe and sustainable way should be an experience that’s truly amazing from booking to arrival. We think you’ll love it.


The Tesloop Mission

Tesloop’s mission is to enable its community of travelers to create an amazing shared travel experience that is safe, convenient and sustainable.  We utilize the most advanced technologies and focus on continually improving the service while adding increasing value for our customers.

About Tesloop

The Travel Experience

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

At Tesloop we believe that travel should be an amazing experience. We feature a community of friendly pilots as well as online and phone support. There are also plenty of complimentary amenities including healthy snacks and beverages, noise canceling headphones, heated seats, a pillow menu and great music. With a large number of pickup and drop-off points, traveling by Tesloop saves hours of transfer hassles.

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Customer Reviews

"What an amazing service!... For the money, I can guarantee that you will not find any better way to get too or from Vegas.  This is a stark contrast to the horrid experience of flying on a plane in the modern context.  The driver Stephanie was amazingly friendly and my entire trip was comfortable and entertaining. Sleeping on board is also encouraged and easy to do in that silent cabin setup they have.  It's a great price for a valuable  service.  I love people trying to reinvent the mold and work new angles, this is definitely what this service represents... Superb job overall.  Much better than any other form of travel I can think of, besides maybe a private jet lol Which I'm pretty sure would cost you accordingly. haha" - Austin M - Los Angeles

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Our prices vary by day and direction of travel. See our prices above or by going through our booking calendar. 


We have pick up and drop off locations throughout the cities we serve. See a full list here or on the map which can be found when you start to book a trip. 


Have other questions about luggage, travel times and more? Check out our frequently asked questions page.