How does it work?

Tesloop is a city to city transportation service. Similar to a plane or train ticket, you book a pre-scheduled time and date for a specific route. You can find all of our departure times on our website. On the day of your trip, you will meet us at your pickup location and be greeted by a Tesla vehicle and a Pilot and be on your way to your drop off location. 


Where do I get on Tesloop, and where will you drop me off?

Tesloop offers pickups and drop offs at convenient locations throughout and around the cities we serve. We’ve selected these points to be convenient to as many people as possible while keeping the vehicles near the freeway to minimize the “time tax” the initial passenger in a ride pays for in all subsequent pickups.  If you don’t see a location close to you – ask us to add one! Tesla is building new Superchargers all the time, and we will be continually broadening our coverage area.

You can see all of our pickup and drop-off points on our booking page by pressing “view locations on map.” Click to See Map.


How do pickup and drop-offs work with other passengers?

The pickup and drop-off order is based on the location chosen by each passenger. Our algorithm will sequence the pickups and drop-offs. You can expect there to be one or two other pickups or drop-offs on your trip which approximately takes between 10 to 15 minutes per pickup and 5-10 minutes per drop-off. Pickups in some cases can take up to 25 minute. 


How long does it take to travel between cities? 

It takes approximately 5 to 5.5 hours to travel between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It takes approximately 2-3 hours to travel between Los Angeles and Greater Palm Springs. We cannot predict random traffic, but we do have minute by minute data on traffic patterns on the routes we serve. 


How much does it cost to ride Tesloop from my city?

Tesloop's mission is to make sustainable travel affordable for everyone. All prices listed are for one seat going one-way.  Prices do change depending on the day of the week and the direction you are going due to increased demand. See prices here.


Can I book a seat for cargo or goods?

Yes! To transport cargo or goods you must make arrangements with a Tesloop Concierge over the phone at 818-330-6446. Cargo or goods may not exceed the size of a medium size suit case (30x18x12 inches) and may not exceed the weight of 50 lbs. Cargo and goods will not be delivered door to door and must be picked up at its arrival destination. Tesloop will not transport prohibited items such as drugs, weapons biohazards or animals. See terms and conditions.  


Will you pick me up at my home?

We do not offer door to door pickup and drop offs in order to minimize the “time tax” that earlier passengers to enter a ride pay for picking up subsequent riders.

This also helps to save on travel and charging time, making everyone's trip as quick and pleasant as can be. Even a little added distance can mean a lot more time waiting while charging at the Supercharging Station (learn more here).

You can read about our locations here.


Do you pick up at LAX/airports?

We are currently working on obtaining the permits  that will allow us to pick up at each airport in Southern California. Currently, we have convenient pickup/dropoff locations minutes away from major airports.


How much luggage can I bring along on Tesloop?

To ensure there is plenty of space in the vehicle for each traveler’s luggage, we have to place some restrictions on how many and what size bags everyone can bring on Tesloop. Luggage allowance for each traveler: 

1 Medium size bag + 1 personal item OR 1 carry-on size bag + 2 personal items


I want to book a round trip, but don’t see that option?

To book your round trip on Tesloop you will book each each leg of your journey separately. This includes paying for each ride separately, and this also means you will go through the booking process twice to book a round trip.

To check that your preferred return trip is available before booking your departing trip, we suggest using two tabs or browser windows, both open to — that way you won't have to remake your selections.

After you book your departure, and your payment is confirmed, you will be redirected to your Trip Details page, this is your personal itinerary and you can always go back to this link to both cancel and manage your trip. To book your return trip, click the Book Your Return Trip button at the top right of page, and repeat the booking process.


Do you need autopilot to make the service work?

Tesloop does not need autopilot to function. We do, however, leverage the technology to provide a safer trip.


Do I get to drive the Tesla?

You will be driven by our highly trained and certified Pilots and will ride with up to 3 other passengers. You can become a certified Tesloop pilot by applying here.


Are you part of Tesla Motors?

Though we believe Tesloop is aligned with Tesla’s mission statement, Tesloop and Tesla Motors are two separate entities. There is no legal or formal tie between the two.


Can I bring my pet?

Currently, Tesloop is not yet ready for your furry friends. We are working to create ways to accommodate animals in the future. If you have a service animal please call at Tesloop Concierge at 818-330-6446. 


Will I be riding with other people on my Tesloop?

Most likely as we allow all the seats in our Teslas to be booked for a trip. All of our vehicles are custom ordered for comfort. Our Model S vehicles hold 3 passengers and our Model X vehicles hold 4 passengers. We do not share passenger information with other passengers.


What are carbon credits? 

Carbon credits are an approximate measure of pounds of carbon that you save while traveling sustainably. Eventually we hope to make this dynamic and track exactly the amount of pounds of carbon saved. 

They are like frequent flyer miles and in the future, our goal will be to have them function more like those of airlines where you can cash them in for hotels or other products. At the moment, after you have traveled 10 times on Tesloop, we will give you 1 ride free.  

Can I cancel my booking?

We offer full credit for trips that are cancelled up to 72 hours before your departure. We do not offer a refund or credit for travel for travelers who fail to show up to their pickup, or cancel within 72 hours of their scheduled departure time.

To cancel your trip, simply find the confirmation email that was sent to you from our Tesloop Concierge after booking your trip. Scroll down to the bottom of that email, you will see a box with a link that looks like this:

Click on the link to be taken to the page with your trip details. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Cancel Your Trip." The credit back to your account usually clears within 48 hours of the request.


What should I know before traveling on Tesloop?

Arrival Time

Your ETA may fluctuate. We strive to provide the most accurate travel time estimates possible, but sometimes events out of our control can affect arrival times. We will update your ETA throughout your journey.

Limited Cell Phone Use

Please keep phone calls under 3 mins. We ask that all travelers keep necessary phone calls brief, or under three minutes, to support a relaxing environment.

SuperCharger Stops

Plan for a 25-35 minute stop. The LA / Las Vegas route has a planned stop in Barstow, CA. The car will recharge for about 25-35 minutes, while travelers may enjoy refreshments.

Credit for Unused Trips

Receive full credit if you cancel at least 72 hours in advance. On any Tesloop trip that you cancel within 72 hours of departure, receive credit to be applied toward future Tesloop travel.

Health & Wellness

Full credit for unused trips if you cancel because you are sick. If you feel ill, and it's possible to reschedule your trip, we urge you not to travel. We can help out by providing full credit for an unused trip, even if you cancel 24 hours before.

Service Animals & Pets

We do not accommodate animals yet. Tesloop is not yet ready for your furry friends. We are working to create ways to accommodate animals in the future.

Luggage Guidelines

1 medium size bag + 1 personal item OR 
1 carry-on size bag + 2 personal items.

To ensure there is plenty of space in the vehicle for each traveler’s luggage, either one airline size carry-on bag (maximum 24x16x10 inches) and two personal items OR one medium bag (maximum 30x18x12 inches) and one personal item are allotted per traveler. Bags must be less than 55 lbs total for each traveler.

Complimentary WiFi

Work on your laptop. 4G Wifi mobile hotspot is provided for laptops and tablets, and covers most of the journey. To ensure fast Internet connectivity for all travelers, we ask that you hold off on streaming video.

Food & Beverages

Only certain types of food are allowed.

For all travelers to enjoy a well-kept environment inside the cabin, we request that only certain types of foods are eaten in Tesloop vehicles. Snack foods that are easy to contain like energy bars and trail mixes are fine, but we request all other types of foods are eaten outside of the car.


Is Tesloop right for you?

Tesloop is an excellent travel option for many, but there are some types of travelers for whom Tesloop may not be suitable. For example, people who need frequent or long bathroom breaks, people who like to talk on the phone for long periods of time, people who are uncomfortable with in-cabin food limitations, people traveling with children who require car seats, or people who have no flexibility in their arrival schedule.

Have Questions or Need Assistance?

We're happy to help! Call us at (818)330-6446