We understand productivity and how important it is to be connected to the world. All of our Model S and Model X Teslas have Wifi hotspots so you can keep working. 


We are charging fanatics at Tesloop, so we offer charging in all seats for multiple devices. There are always iPhone 5 and higher chargers and micro-usb chargers for android devices available in each seat, with iPhone 4 and mini-usb available on request. Certain cars have Macbook USB-C charging, and in a pinch some cars have power inverters that will let you plug your laptop in.

Heated Seats

We strive to meet any need that our customers have. That is why our Tesla’s come equipped with heated seats.

Healthy Snacks and Beverages

We believe that travelers should always be well hydrated and nourished when riding on Tesloop. Therefore we offer a variety of drinks and snacks.

Laptop Tray

We understand that laptops get hot, you might want to use one of our laptop trays.


We know how important having the right music is to making your travel environment enjoyable. Our cars are always connected to Soundcloud, Spotify and Slacker. If all vehicle passengers are in your party, you can choose your music/audio. If in a mixed group, please feel free to request any music that will be well received by the passengers.


We know a long drive is a great time to catch up on sleep and we want to make sure that your neck and head are well supported. Therefore, we have the very best pillows we could find (and we tested a lot), creating a comfy situation for you to get some rest.